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Our self-serve pet wash is located next to the Touchless Automatic and is open 24/7.

Our All Paws Pet Wash is easy to use and offers a wide range of products for you to use on your pet to give them a clean and healthy coat.

We understand the hassle of getting a dog into and back out of a bathtub when it is time for a bath and we also know the mess it leaves behind. Come to Kerman Carwash and leave the mess and smell at our house!

Our water is heated to a mild 32 degrees Celsius, not to hot, not to cold, it's just right for bathing your furry friend.


Oat Shampoo: For sensitive skin that irritates easily.

Tearless Shampoo: For when a tip to tail wash is needed.

Conditioner: For a silky coat to show off at the dog park.

Flea & Tick: For those pesky, itchy problems.

Pet Deodorizer: Tangle with a skunk? Roll in something stinky? This will help!!

Rinse: Gently warmed water for cleansing.

Dryer: A blow dryer so that nobody has to get in the car wet.

Tub Disinfectant: A simple courtesy for the next person in line.

We are a bargain!

$10.00 for 12 minutes! If you need more time, just put in

a toonie or loonie before the timer hits 0 and it will top-up

the timer.

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