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Kerman Carwash

  • What is Triple Foam?

  • What sets you apart from other carwashes?

  • What happens if my coins get stuck in a bay?

  • Can I get gift cards for the Automatic?

  • Why go to the carwash when I can do it at home?

Kerman Carwash

1.What is Triple Foam?

Triple Foam is a conditioner that has been specially formulated to help remove more dirt residue from your vehicle as well as acting as a primer for our wax so that it "sticks" better and longer for a lasting shine.

2.What sets you apart from other carwashes?

At Kerman Carwash our primary goal is to have people leave with a clean car. We are hands on operators which seperates us from the competition when it comes to making sure the equipment is working perfectly. We are on site every day to make sure if there is ever a problem, we are there to fix it.

3.What happens if my coins get stuck in a bay?

Call me!


It does happen, sometimes people put pennies, nickles and dimes into the machines and these coins are not accepted and sometimes get stuck.

I want to make sure you get your car clean AND you get reimbursed.

4.Can I get gift cards for the Automatic?


If you look under our "More" tab, you will find a link to our Web Store where you can purchase gift cards online.

If you do not see a gift card in the denomination you would like, please contact Brian at (905) 518-3901 and we can help you.

You can also come out to the Carwash and you can purchase one onsite. Please note that we can only accept credit card or cash for purchases onsite.

5.Why go to the carwash when I can do it at home?

Accessability to car care products is an obvious answer but still a good one.

There are some unique features about Kerman Carwash too, such as heated water and heated products. You wash your dishes with heated water, shouldn't you wash for car with it too? We also find that the products work better when they are heated. Also lending to products that just work better, we soften our water so that it has a hardness of zero.

More importantly, there are environmental reasons too!

When you wash your vehicle at Kerman Carwash, the water that drains away is held, and filtered twice before it goes into the sewage system where it is then treated and purified. This is a stark contrast to what happens when a vehicle is washed at home. In a driveway, the water and anything else in it, drains into the storm sewers which line the streets. Water from storm sewers is fed directly back into the lake with no treatment occuring along the way.

You may not have naturally thought about it, but we are an environmentally responsible choice too!

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