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It's finally here!  

In both, the do-it-yourself wash bays and at the vacuums, we now have a Tap and Pay system.  

You can now use VISA, Mastercard, Debit, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay to wash and vacuum your vehicle.

At the yellow box in either a wash bay or at a vacuum, either, tap, insert chip or swipe your card.  Follow the prompts on the screen should it like you to do something else.




If you tap your phone or card, 

be sure that all 4 lights turn green at the 

top of the unit.  This is how you know

it has read your phone or card correctly.

Once the unit has accepted payment,

the time will start COUNTING UP if you 

are in a wash bay.

If you are at a vacuum, your card will be charged 

$2.00, the machine will start and COUNT DOWN 

your time remaining.

In the wash bays, when you are finished, 

tap either "STOP" or the red "X" to stop 

your time and the machine.


Once you have tapped either "STOP" or

the red "X" on the screen, your payment 

amount will be settled.

The total amount charged, will be displayed

on the screen.

If you happen to forget to stop the machine,

it is programmed to stop on it's own when it 

reaches $12.00.

Should this happen to you, please contact us 

so that we can settle up with you for the 

correct amount.    

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